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                  Hello, welcome to the website of "Wuxi Qianzhou Yaoda Machinery Factory"!
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                  +86 510-83393174

                  • Contact: Yu Yuqiang
                  • Mob: +86 13511655106
                  • Tel:+86 510-83393174
                  • Fax:+86 510-83381782
                  • Email:1756033392@qq.com
                  • Website:www.keritingnews.com
                  • Add:No.1, Huihe Road, Qianzhou Town Development Zone, Wuxi, Jiangsu

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                  Focus on production: Washing and dewatering machine,Loose fiber dewatering machine,Loose fiber dryer,
                  Medical cotton roll dewatering machine,Lift-out and lift-in cloth dewatering machine
                  and other products, Welcome to contact us!

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                  Mobile+86 13511655106

                  Telephone+86 510-83393174